﹤ Chinese Slang ﹥



4k video, 1 channel, color, sound, 00:02:01

Since the work "Intelligent Input Method", I have been interested in language and cultural information transmitted in language. By chance, I found a piece of British news that translated many Chinese slang and idioms into English. But the translation is not accurate. It can even be said to be ambiguous and distorted. I'm interested in the "translation" of languages in this cross-cultural context, so I made this work to discuss different interpretations of the same vocabulary in different contexts.

I chose three slang words that are very common in China as the core of my work. In order to reflect the original context of these slang terms more clearly and objectively, the materials in the works all come from the Internet.

The work is divided into two parts: the first part is a video clip with these three slangs that I have intercepted in many videos, combining them to form a variety of different and rich contexts. Trying to reproduce the original context of these three words, and trying to peek into the different social and cultural classes behind the video through these contexts.

In the second part of the work, I returned to the Chinese website through technical means. I searched for keywords on the website to obtain various materials and combined these materials again according to the theme to make them into pictures and Gifs. Use this to shape the temperament of another context that is not the same as the first part but still comes from the Internet.


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