﹤Digital Chirp ﹥


Digital 4k video, color, sound, 00:02:19

The code in the virtual world, which acts as the black box of the virtual world, strings the whole virtual world together. In the virtual world, everything can be simulated. And underneath all the simulated models is the code as its skeleton. The sun can appear and rotate without relying on the universe. The grass can sway without the wind. It is the code, as a drive, that controls them. The images generated by the virtual world are like electronically created clouds and mists. They are formed and dispersed at will, and the code is the hand that plasticizes and disperses them. The virtual world is close at hand, but cannot be touched. We interact with it through mouse clicks. All this happens in the space of the display screen. Chirp refers to bird song, and the work uses this term to embody an underlying warning. The canary appears in the silent virtual grass. The golden solemn statue featuring its figure provides a silent warning. It is also a symbol of the seemingly close but fragile relationship between us and the virtual world.


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