﹤ Intelligent input method ﹥


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After I came to Germany, when I got out of the original language environment, I realized the importance of language as a tool for carrying information and carrying culture.In this work, I use the most commonly used social tool, mobile phone. When we spell words on a cell phone to convey a message, the cell phone seems to know every word, and it also seems to know every "next related word". The smart input method behind the phone seems to be a top language expert.

If the top linguist can speak for himself, can we also find different cultural phenomena in different languages?

In this work, I just tap the screen to wake up the input method, and keep clicking on the first related word that appears in the input method. I chose Chinese, English, and German as the three reference languages, and tried to explore different cultural phenomena in different languages through the complex algorithm of related words in intelligent input methods.


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