﹤Square Deception﹥



4k video, 2-channel, color, sound, 00:03:59,2020

The square in the title of the work refers to the basic manner of composition of objects that occur in any digital virtual world. In the work, the artist deconstructs and explores how the square surface, which plays a key role in the perception of participants in digital virtual worlds, dominates the deception of the border between the sense of the virtual and the sense of reality, using video games as an example.

With the development of technology, the precision of objects shaped by square faces in digital virtual worlds is increasing, and their fidelity is becoming higher and higher. The element of the square face, while building a more realistic digital virtual world, is also deconstructing its so-called realism. The viewer believes what he or she sees, but at the same time subconsciously questions it. In these virtual deceptions of realism, believing and doubting, constructing and deconstructing, perceiving and leaping out occur simultaneously.


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