Verbuchstabieren Trilogy
      - I.
One World, One Dream ﹥



4k video, 1-channel, color, sound, 00:11:09

This work seeks to explore linguistic and cultural issues in cross-cultural communication under the oppression of the encroachment of the dominant language and culture. The artist has created a virtual world called MONDO, which consists of some well-known attractions of the world, through which the cultures of different countries are also represented. 

In MONDO, "Civitano" (Esperanto for: citizens of the world) can live wherever they are interested and communicate with each other. The "Civitano" represents his or her country of origin and his or her cultural labels, such as history, culture, language, etc. The first task is to build the "Tower of Babel". In order to build efficiently, all "Civitano" can only use one language, "Esperanto". The use of Esperanto as the "primary language" in the work was accompanied by a consideration of its cultural legitimacy. The meaning of Esperanto in Chinese is directly translated as: the language of the world. Ironically, however, the grammatical rules of Esperanto are derived from Indo-European languages. In Esperanto, there is almost no trace of Asian languages, let alone Chinese. The work also uses the artist's native language, Chinese, the language of her residence, German, and the current "dominant" language of the world, English. These four languages form a " frame " on four sides of the screen, suggesting that language differences limit intercultural communication. 

The work is based on the game the Sims. In the game the Sims, the game company embedded their own language, Simlish, which was not fully developed, and the content of the trilogy is highly compatible with the game itself because of this setting. 

This work as the first part of the trilogy provides the basic context and background, while the work itself serves as a form of irony, questioning some of the linguistic problems of current transnational intercultural migration, and even of globalization.


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