﹤ C u l t u r a l   R e o r g a n i z a t i o n ﹥

“ ...In this work, the artist envisions an experiment in the reorganization of Earth's culture by the alien system 22b on Earth after the demise of Earth civilization. The artist uses the term "cultural futurism" to conceptually describe this experiment. In Cultural Futurism, the world landscape is completely overturned, the inherent order between cultures is broken, the political, economic, geo-environmental, technological and other factors that influence culture are reset, and all established rules and empirics about culture are invalidated. In the experiment, galaxy 22b reorganizes all the cultures that have ever existed on earth in a fragmented way in units of some characteristics (such as language, festivals, costumes, food, etc.), and acts on the subject. In this work, the artist attempts to explore the possibility of blurring the boundaries of culture in action on groups , neutralizing the differences in culture in action on individuals, de-mainstreaming culture, and all cultures being fulfilled to the same degree, in an unimaginable mode. ”

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